Cosmetic Brand Review: Urban Decay Cosmetics

There’s a multitude of reasons to love Urban Decay (UD), a revolutionary cosmetic company that prides itself on cruelty free, high pigmented products and celebrates liberated beauty ideals. Moreover, UD’s success is driven by quality products and even though UD prides themselves in setting their own standards and refuse to follow trends – UD is said to be one of the most influential makeup brands out there. 

Urban Decay Cosmetics


Urban Decay was founded in 1996 and was one of the first cosmetic companies to focus on cruelty free cosmetics. A cult favourite from this brand is the All Nighter setting spray.


  • All Nighter Setting Spray R495 – 00

urban decay all nighter setting spray

This is the number one setting spray because of its ability to allow makeup to stay in place all day (or all night) in comparison to other sprays that claim similar.

Cult Beauty has recently added a travel sized all nighter setting spray to their site which retails for about R240 – 00 which you can shop here:

  • Naked Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette R800 – 00


Urban Decay launched their first eyeshadow palette – the original naked palette in 2010 which became the beauty industries standard for a nude eyeshadow palette, due to its perfect colour story (eyeshadow palette colours) including high pigment payoff consequently, this is the replacement palette from UD and is still a firm nude favourite.

  • Eyeshadow Primer Potion R370 – 00

urban decay eyeshadow primer potion

The revamped UD eyeshadow primer has an applicator for convenience and amplifies the colour of eyeshadow with a no crease formula.


Urban Decay is a brand dedicated to high performing makeup that delivers whilst still being environmentally friendly – as a vegan certified company.

Personally, when I purchased my first eyeshadow palette from this brand – it was a bit intimidating as I wasn’t too experienced with makeup, I would suggest you invest in Urban Decay if you are intermediate to professional to truly enjoy it.

Urban Decay remains winning as a cosmetic’s company because:

  • Attention to detail, Urban Decay products have never felt like a rush to market, money grab or a trend fill out. Each product is meticulously researched and created with quality as the leading factor.
  • Each product delivers – unless someone doesn’t like the colour story of a palette – there really is little else to complain about with regards to Urban Decay cosmetics – all products work extremely well and is worth the price tag.

Eyeshadow palettes are packaged into tin rectangular packaging which is easily identifiable as Urban Decay products, their slogan “Beauty With An Edge” adds flair to the company’s marketing strategy and deep purple is the brands identifiable feature colour.

Limited Edition Products

When Urban Decay launches a limited-edition product – it’s definitely something you want to grab onto.

The limited-edition Games Of Thrones Urban Decay makeup collection set from is one such example – this collection was exemplary and I managed to grab it when it launched before it soon sold out – it’s still one of my favourite all time palettes with the most beautiful eyeshadow colour story that Urban Decay has created. It was worth every penny.

Watch this Game Of Thrones eye makeup look I created on Instagram: 

Where To Buy Urban Decay Makeup:

Urban Decay cosmetics South Africa is available to shop online here:

Urban Decay is also available instore at Foschini and on the Foschini Beauty online store:

My Recommendations:

Here are my Urban decay best makeup picks

  • Honey Eyeshadow Palette R920 – 00

urban decay honey eyeshadow palette

This eyeshadow palette is beautiful for nude and glam evening looks.

  • All Nighter Setting Spray R495 – 00

Cult makeup products are a must for all makeup collections and this setting spray is the perfect setting spray that will not disappoint for makeup that needs to stay all day.

  • Mega Matte Vice Lipstick in #714 R280 – 00

urban decay mega matte vice lipstick #714

A buttery blend that sets as a matte lipstick is the makeup industries popular choice for a bright red lipstick suited to warm skin tones and rivals MAC “Ruby Woo” suited to cool skin tones.


  • High quality, professional makeup


  • Expensive (But good pricing for high – end quality)


Overall, you cannot not go wrong with purchasing Urban Decay products, it never ceases to impress. I love that they consider all skin tones whilst still sticking to quality – there’s no doubt Urban Decay is fast becoming a leader in the makeup world with a select of their products.

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3 thoughts on “Cosmetic Brand Review: Urban Decay Cosmetics

  1. Hi Sheena,
    I’m wondering if you could help me with any information you might have . I have ordered some stuff off the urban decay website last week, they have not yet sent a confirmation email for my order or any news whatsoever regarding tracking . I’ve tried calling the customer service line to no avail. I’ve sent so many emails as well with no response. Do you perhaps know who I can contact or how I can reach them . I’m so utterly disappointed with Urban Decay. Any help would be much appreciated thank you you xx


    1. Hi Mel. I’m sorry you are having this problem. I have ordered through Urban Decay online before and waited for a month to have it delivered! As an apology they did send a free gift but it’s still not ideal service. I suppose this is the way they unfortunately operate. Here is an email address: – hope this helps. Let me know when you do get it.


      1. Thank you soooo much! I’ll try this email. Having to wait a month that’s a bummer 😔 you’re awesome🥺 thanks again, will let you know how it works out.

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