It’s My Four Year Blogiversary! Four Life Lessons I’ve Learnt In Four Years Of Blogging.

Pot Of Gold turns four this November and what an exhilarating journey it has been! Through an endless community of support, which enabled me to carve out a little corner of the internet where I created an identity that I love sharing with each and every one that stops by, here are four life lessons I learnt along the way.

Sheena Deepnarain

Year 1: “Dare to live by letting go” – Tom Althouse 

It all began, four years ago when I chose to venture on a sabbatical in Russia, for various reasons which included:

  • no satisfaction from my career path;
  • feeling overworked, undervalued and rundown;

I felt that I gave so much of myself to an unfulfilling career. Struggling through, I knew I deserved better but I was not willing to let go so, with a leap of faith I finally let go, and moved to somewhere far away from the reality I knew consequently, to my surprise I was rewarded with a new and wonderful “hello”.

Whilst living and enjoying this life that I escaped into, I began blogging and thus Pot Of Gold began, a creative outlet for myself, to document my travels and whatever interests I had at the time. 

A few months into it, I received my first travel blogging gig! I certainly wasn’t even considering doing this “blogging activity” as a career by any means at this stage – it was simply to keep me occupied during all the free time I now had, but as it turned out, blogging was enjoyable!

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Year 2: “Sometimes all we need is a new perspective” 

During the end of my sabbatical, I realized I gained a new perspective on life, in relation to what was of true value to me, which was my happiness and sense of self. It appeared obscure to me to revert to a career path that I may have had a natural talent for, but had a multitude of brick walls, which wasn’t in my power to break down. What I held on so tightly to, only two years ago, I found was making me miserable thereby, taking this leap helped me realize that there is in fact more to life than what we may constraint our minds to. It was time to channel my career path to a different route. I may not have had a natural talent for blogging, it is challenging and something I am still learning; however, it is fulfilling every step of the way and I found a sense of identity here.

Year 3: “Life figures itself out along the way” 

It all seemed to organically work out and each time I made the decision to elevate my blogging career, everything I did would favour this approach. This probably attributed to the fact that as a content creator I had new found optimism in the freedom to bring ideas to perspective in a way I could relate to it, I could create with my sense of identity. 

There was value, growth and satisfaction and it felt so darling!

This taught me that as we make detailed plans, life has its own way of figuring itself out to the benefit of you of course – you simply need to trust in this process. You don’t always need to be in control.

Sheena Deepnarain

Year 4: “Do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life”

Content creation is not just press drops and creating pretty imagery, it is time consuming, hard work and challenging. Every time a new social media platform emerges I almost choke, how can I possibly fit in more content on another social media platform? But this, along with other obstacles and challenges is something I, as a content creator need to figure out. 

However, I have a deep love for what I do, as cliché as it may sound, it does not feel like work. Each day for me feels like growth and each challenge is invigorating. 

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Thank you to each and every one who has supported me during these years, as I created this “happy space.”

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