How To Declutter And Remove Negative Energy In Your Home

Granted, the first half of 2021 is not going to be much different to 2020 with lockdown due to the second wave of the Coronavirus. Thus the “new normal” of 2020 spills into 2021. This is something that is beyond our control. Home has become a sanctuary for me, I am so grateful that home is a safe, loving environment for my husband, my three little pooches and I. 

During lockdown, I took to clearing out my home of clutter and found this home transformation revitalizing. Waking up to a clutter free, organized home encourages waking up with purpose, renewed energy and positive vibes – something we definitely needed in 2020 and to carry with us in the new year of 2021.  

Since we’ve been spending more time at home, until there is a solution for the Covid situation, I’ve decided to take the extra step and clear out not only the physical clutter but also clear out negative energies in our home and reset for the new year.

My step by step process for space clearing includes decluttering, maintaining a clean home through minimalism, performing a salt cleanse at home and using sage for getting rid of bad energy.

Step 1: Declutter

Getting organized and decluttering your home will assist in having a decluttered mindset. Waking up to a clean, decluttered space with purposeful and practical objects surrounding you, will mimic to your mindset of purpose and practicality. You will automatically find that as you declutter your home, you declutter your life thus you will be productive, have intention, have clear and concise direction and subsequently be organized with day to day activities, clearing out space on your calendar for family or me time – which we have come to realize the importance of.

Everyone who lives in your household should be involved with clearing out their space, in order for them to feel this renewed energy too. 

Tip: Before clearing out clutter I like to set out my intentions through affirmations which keeps me motivated and assists with enjoying the process, generating positive energy within me which resonates in my home.

Declutter Affirmations:

  • I feel lighter every time I let things go
  • I clear clutter to better myself and take care of myself
  • Every step I take in decluttering, I am a little closer to my goal of simplicity
  • I am looking forward to a cleaner, lighter home and life.
  • I clear clutter in my home to move forward with clarity and focus. 

Removing clutter from your home can take time. Be happy and content that you have started the process and understand that this process will most likely take a while before it’s completed to avoid being overwhelmed with a cluttered house. 

Tip: For a new year declutter or easy way to declutter, I would suggest you have a place for everything, so even if you don’t completely organize a particular part of the room, a certain group of objects has a place to be put away after use. You will begin to notice that your home automatically becomes orderly with this routine.

Step 2: Cleaning My Home 

Cleaning my home has become a ritual I’ve grown to love and appreciate. During the first wave of lockdown we were forced to clean our own homes and I didn’t enjoy this at all during the time. I found that I spent too much time cleaning the house, I grew frustrated as such a large portion of my day would be dedicated to cleaning the house and planning meals. It grew monotonous and exhausting, additionally it added to the negativity cloud of lockdown. It was dragging me down. I barely coped and only found relief when our domestic worker was able to work again. I don’t want this to be the case for 2021. It’s difficult enough dealing with the second wave of the pandemic. A cleared-out space is so much easier to keep clean. My cleaning ritual is no longer overwhelming and daunting, as I clean my home, I feel gratitude and happiness around the clear spaces in my home, filled with love and intention.

Tip: Write up an uncomplicated cleaning ritual and stick this on your fridge so that everyone in your home can see it and assist.

Here is mine: 

Chores are minimal which include a morning sweep, mop and a load of laundry. In the evening after supper we wash the dishes and iron one load of laundry, we also put away whatever we used during the day to keep our home neat and organized. This way we don’t wake up to a dirty home, everything is clean all of the time and all I need to do is maintain this which is far less stressful than everything piling up and losing a full day to cleaning, which we could have spent as a family day, me day or a day dedicated to a work or hobby project.

Tip: Dedicating a Sunday to meal prepping also reduces the amount of time we spend in the kitchen. 

Step 3: Energy Clearing

There are various ways in which to remove negativity from one’s house, which can include burning incense, candles, salt cleansing and using sage in your home to rid off negative energy. I clear out the energy in my home by salt cleansing and burning sage and on a daily basis I burn incense and candles.

Salt Cleansing:

The use of salt is a way to cleanse your home of negative energy, by placing pure salt at all windowsills and corners of your home which absorbs negative energy. I believe in affirmations for the home and this practical affirmation, helps shift our mindset to reset and recharge our home with renewed, positive energy. I leave the salt overnight and flush it down our drains the next day, keeping all windows and doors open to receive light and good energy flowing into our home and wade away any negative energy.

Sage Cleanse: 

Burning sage sticks around your home amplifies energy clearing and is an additional way to purify your home of negative energy. Cleansing bad energy in your home by lighting sage is an age-old practice and is said to remove unwelcome energy in your home. Stress and day to day living can attract negative energy so again performing this practical affirmation allows any negative energy to dissolve and allow for positive vibrations to resonate throughout our living space. 

Step 4: Maintenance and Enjoyment

I maintain a clean space in my home by not hoarding, donating and throwing out items that don’t serve our household regularly and following a simplistic cleaning schedule.  The positive energy is maintained by regular practices of clearing out negative energy and being mindful of positive, happy energies when burning incense and candles daily. 


We owe it to ourselves and others around us to feel loved, safe and happy in the space we call home. Keeping positive vibrations in your home, especially with the coming of a new year and moreover the continued Covid pandemic helps ease the load and welcomes in a new year with positivity which we all need.

What are some ways or rituals you practice to keep your home clean and positive? 

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