Jumpstart Your New Year Resolutions With Mind Dumping And Writing Lists To Achieve Your Goals

New year, new you? Or is it? It’s a bit difficult to set new year resolutions during a global pandemic with life being so uncertain. However, concentrating on situations you cannot control can only lead to a downward spiral of negativity.

Recently, I came across a mind dumping exercise in the form of writing lists to relieve my anxiety and found it extremely beneficial not only for mental health, but overall productivity including setting and achieving short term to long term goals. This is a “at a glance” guide on how I will be utilizing lists to achieve my goals for the new year. 

The psychology of writing lists is instantly satisfying as this brain dumping exercise unlocks all the chaos causing turmoil in our minds and once on paper, one can accordingly simplify these thoughts to what is necessary instead of spending hours pondering, only later to find out how unnecessary that particular task was. Planning and structuring each list can be enjoyable and set as tiny goals to tick off in order to reach a bigger goal. For example, if I complete “x” number of courses I’m legible to apply for a certain position and thus get a promotion.

Furthermore, writing lists breeds creativity, reveals where you are in your life right now and aids you in discovering where you want to be in the long term. It helps break down those bigger goals (that may seem unattainable at first), into smaller goals or steps to reach your bigger goal.

Dedicate a notebook to writing lists. If you are planning resolutions, write your end goal at the tops of a new page and devise a list of steps you would need to accomplish underneath that goal in order to achieve your overall goal. 

Here are a few list prompts:

  • Steps to be healthier
  • Financial checklist
  • Things that make you happy (do a few of these everyday)
  • Daily routine
  • Courses I would like to complete
  • What I would need to begin my new hobby
  • Projects for my hobby
  • Fitness checklist challenge
  • Things I would like to purchase for home
  • Ways to celebrate your wins
  • Wishlist
  • Self-care checklist
  • Books I would like to read
  • Playlists for various moods / activities

The number of lists are endless. Planning and researching these lists carefully can direct you to the path to achieving one’s goals. Begin a morning ritual of looking through your lists (perhaps while you are enjoying your favourite morning coffee), to ensure that you are mindful of what you want to achieve daily and refer to these lists to help you devise your daily to-do list which serves as a daily brain dump.

In order to effectively tick off my lists, I like to focus on the lists that evoke positivity in order to keep positive vibes flowing daily. This positive energy provides encouragement and productivity, thereby helping me achieve smaller goals which eventually lead to a bigger goal being accomplished. Don’t forget to refer to your list of “Ways to celebrate your wins” – when you achieve those goals. 

What lists are you looking forward to creating? 

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