Summer bodies are made in winter – and winter is the perfect time to permanently remove unwanted body hair and have one less worry to stress about for your summer bikini bod.

My Smooth Skin is an online store which sells trending beauty devices in South Africa and I was gifted the My Smooth Skin IPL Hair Removal Device which enables you to have the lasting benefits of laser hair removal at home. 

This blog post is a detailed review of everything you need to know about the My Smooth Skin IPL Hair Removal device.

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Before I unravel the details of this IPL device lets chat about the difference between laser hair removal and IPL hair removal. Basically, the only difference between the two is the light source found with each device, both IPL and laser work to target hair follicles with permanent hair removal results. 


  • Helps reduce hair growth and over time permanent results are visible.
  • Improves skin texture (especially for Keratosis Pilaris – a type of eczema)

Key Function:

Light technology is pulsated through the My Smooth Skin hair removal device which penetrates into hair follicles thereby killing the root of the follicle and inhibiting growth altogether. A popular question that I get asked is “Does IPL make skin smoother?” and yes it does as hair follicles are susceptible to sebum, dirt and grime build up, which can cause bumpy surfaces on skin; this stops once the hair follicle is dead via using the IPL device, therefore IPL does help with skin texture. 

How To Use: 

This device is easy to use at home, watch my YouTube video for a detailed demonstration on how to use the device here:

Skin needs to be cleaned, exfoliated and shaved before you run the IPL device on the area you are targeting a few times.

I suggest using the device up to three times a week for a period of 4 to 8 weeks to experience the best, permanent results. This varies for different skin types and hair growth structures. 


I previously had laser hair removal on my underarms, however since taking hair growth pills I experienced some regrowth around that area. Two uses of the My Smooth Skin IPL Hair Removal Device on my underarm area was enough to correct the problem and brighten my skin.

I then proceeded to use the device on my face and leg area.

On my face, I noticed that when using the IPL for the first two weeks, facial hair would surface within two to three days, currently on week five, I notice that hair is much thinner and not at all visible unless you look closely additionally, regrowth takes two weeks before I feel any sort of fuzz on my upper lip and chin area. There is absolutely no regrowth on my cheeks and the skin on that area is smooth with pores being less visible than usual.

On my leg area, within three weeks I noticed regrowth in patches, so it’s definitely working. I will revisit my leg area once I complete my facial area. I will keep you updated with full results on my Instagram page here:


R2400 – 00 for one handheld IPL Device

No cartridge change is necessary, one cartridge is said to last for over a decade so the only cost is a once off R2400 – 00

Where To Buy the My Smooth Skin IPL Hair Removal Device:

Available online here:


  • Permanent hair removal results
  • Done in the convenience of your own home, therefore saving time as you don’t need to visit the salon
  • Cost effective – one salon laser treatment begins at R450 to about R1500 dependent on the area and you need about 6 to 8 treatments for permanent results which can be costly.
  • Skin texture improves as I’ve personally noticed smoother skin especially on areas affected with Keratosis Pilaris. 
  • Brighter skin tone 
  • Easy to use


  • This is not really a con, as it depends on the user, but you can burn your skin if you use a setting not suited to your skin tone. I would start of on a low setting first – say level 2 (or 1 if you have a deeper skin tone) and work your way up to level two and three over time. I currently use level three on my face and level four on my body.


I’m tired of hair removal to be honest, waxing here and there, then hair removal creams on other areas and shaving in between everything else. All have cons when it comes to the texture of your skin and non are permanent. I’m so glad that I have this convenient hair removal device and know that when summer is here, I don’t need to spend hours fussing over hair removal. I prefer having clean and smooth skin that is fuzz free and I am achieving that with consistent use of the My Smooth Skin IPL Hair Removal Device. I highly suggest purchasing one, it’s absolutely worth it. Personally, this is the best at home IPL hair removal device in South Africa (I have tried others).

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