Gaming To Reduce Stress And Anxiety

With extra time on my hands due to the Covid pandemic, I explored the world of board games and online gaming and found that spending about an hour playing games either alone or with family and friends, a few times a week, was enjoyable to do consequently, anything enjoyable relieves stress and anxiety – a win, especially during these times. 

Playing games are in fact a proven method that releases “feel good” endorphins due to the flow state it creates – this flow state is similarly achieved during meditation. 

A game presents a challenge for you and rewards you when you tackle the challenge, this results in an accomplished feeling which then leads to dopamine secretion – a mood enhancing chemical that your brain releases. This chemical secretion leads to stress and anxiety relief. Stress relief games and apps provide a relaxing online gaming experience which helps reduce anxiety and stress at work or home. 

Now that working from home has become a permanent scenario for me, I found that playing stimulation games at work in-between tasks and projects actually helped me concentrate and it especially helps when I have those unproductive moments. Playing a game such as this one: Airport Rush – for about twenty minutes puts me in the right mind frame to tackle my to-do lists and gather my thoughts while I improve my problem-solving skills. 

The pro about playing on an online site such as is that you don’t need someone to play with you if you are alone or need some stimulation during work for a quick twenty minutes.  Games on include stimulation games, classics such as my favourite – Pac Man and board games which you can play online. 

The right type of games not only relieve stress and anxiety but is also said to improve concentration, IQ and problem-solving skills. Thus, gaming is a well – being and mental health tool as games improve the minds ability to process information. Recommended playing time is up to one hour as some games are known to become addictive and we all know that too much of a good thing, is eventually not good for you. 


Gaming is an affordable form of entertainment that you can have fun with at home and at work – alone or with loved ones. I highly recommend that time is set aside for gaming with the family or try it while working when tasks become mundane. I switch things up and try different games regularly and site offers over 100 games to keep me occupied, this site also adds new games often which you can view here:
I additionally love puzzles and enjoy playing board games when I have company.

What are some less commonly known games that you have enjoyed lately that has been a stress and anxiety reliever for you?


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