Why You Need A Trip To Alberta

Since the pandemic had us staying at home during these tough times, there’s no better place than Alberta – a province west of Canada to kickstart your outdoor travel adventures and is a must to add to your travel bucket list. All activities in Alberta (or at least the best of the activities) are outdoor adventures you need to experience from skiing to relaxing in hot spring baths whilst listening to the serene waterfalls on hike trails and even learning a thing or two about Dinosaurs, here are five reasons as to why you need a trip to Alberta, Canada.

Here are five must see tourist destinations in Alberta, Canada that I highly recommend:

Lake Louise

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

This iconic lake is known for its turquoise waters and has activities ranging from canoeing in the summer and ice – skating in winter there is something suited to every type of traveler. Other activities include horseback riding and hiking. 

Dinosaur Provincial Park

It’s suggested that you have two full days to enjoy all the sights and tours at this world heritage site. It boasts the best and largest fossil collection in the world with about 35 species of dinosaur fossils dating back 75 million years! There are camping sites to stay at, a museum with over 150 dinosaur skeletons to fascinate over and even embark on dinosaur trails in what is known as the dinosaur capital of the world – Dinosaur Valley

Johnston Canyon

Take in picturesque waterfalls, majestic canyon walls of limestone rock and lush forest whilst hiking during summer or winter at Johnston Canyon situated in Banff, Alberta, Canada. This scenic hike trail is a popular day hike destination in Banff, Alberta, Canada therefore it’s recommended to start your day early by booking a breakfast at a bistro before embarking on a full day of being out in nature.

Hot Springs

Bath in the relaxing, natural, hot spring water whilst mountain viewing in Alberta. If it sounds dreamy, wait till you experience the thrill of this activity. With many popular hot spring sites in Alberta, Canada, the top three recommendations from tourists are: 
Banff Upper Hot Springs
Radium Hot Springs
Miette Hot Springs

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No reservations are required for the above hot spring destinations and entry works on a first come first served basis. 

Visit A Ski Resort

Photo by Harry Dona on Pexels.com

Sunshine Village is a popular ski and snowboard resort located in the Banff National Park and is said to have Canada’s best snow with three mountains: Goats Eye Mountain, Lookout Mountain and Mount Standish all offering variety for beginner to intermediate and experienced skiers. 
Other activities at the Sunshine Ski resort include: snowshoeing, touring the mountains and viewing the Canadian Rockies. 

With travel opening up again, rules, regulations and various other terms have changed, it’s best to do your research before travelling and be aware and adhere to new policies in place. 

Alberta, Canada is rich in forestry, has exquisite mountain views and vast lakes which is the perfect destination to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors. 

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