Five Benefits Of Playing Solitaire

Improving one’s IQ is an activity we all should aim at doing on the regular to improve memory and thinking skills which is overall beneficial for one’s health.
A simple classic game such as Solitaire has been found to have various benefits for one’s mental improvement.
Here is a list of five benefits when playing solitaire.

  1. Improves Decision Making Abilities
    In order to proceed with a game of solitaire, one needs to make a series of decisions under low pressure which exercises the brain on decision making abilities. 
  1. Reduces Anxiety 
    A game of solitaire is said to equal a state of meditation, which helps with anxiety reduction.
  1. Develops Strategy Skills
    Although solitaire is not a complex strategy game, it does exercise one’s strategic ability through the meditative state of playing the game. 
  1. Teaches Patience
    The best results are achieved in solitaire with patience and thus delayed gratification through patience is an important life skill that is practiced through a game of solitaire. 
  1. Increases Brain Activity 
    Frequently playing solitaire assists with unconsciously using one’s memory as your mind remembers suits, colours and numbers which is a form of exercise for the brain.

There are different types of solitaire games which include spider solitaire also known as the patience game and classic solitaire. 

Various online gaming sites include solitaire online, however one of my best free sites to play solitaire is –– an online site which offers free classic solitaire and has a variety of games on offer, one that I play often is cookie monster, commonly known as Pac Man which you can access here:


Other popular games on the site can be accessed here:

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Overall, taking time off to play online games such as solitaire is a great way to unwind and focus on something different for a while, while assisting your mind at the same time.
In fact, gaming has been found to be so beneficial that making time for it regularly should be an everyday routine. 

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