The Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Cheat Checklist

Without doubt, South Africa’s most beautiful season is spring. There’s nothing more satisfying than welcoming spring with a fresh start and what better way than to spring clean your home, out with the old and weary, a tidy up, some fresh paint where it’s required – all to add some extra spark to this vibrant season.

spring clean checklist
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This year I’ve taken to spring cleaning with much more enthusiasm than I anticipated consequently I now have a space I love waking up to every morning, the energy around my home has been recharged and the last bit of the year is ready to be enjoyed in my revamped space. 

I’ve shared some of my tips on Instagram stories and saved my favourite spring cleaning products which you can view on my highlights here:

Here are simple spring-cleaning hacks and checklist, that isn’t too complicated but are tasks you should do every spring (or more often if you can) to keep your home clutter free, clean and organized. 

  1. Replace your toilet brush: A toilet brush is basically germ heaven living in-between the bristles. 
  2. Replace your bedding and pillows: Pillows and bedding even if washed regularly still accumulate bacteria therefore bedding needs to be replaced every two to three years. 
  3. Donate or recycle items from each room you don’t use from clothes to toys, crockery, décor etc. If you don’t use it, you don’t need it. We all have that something we’ve been holding onto for years and convince ourselves that we’ll use it someday, for me it’s cushions – which I’ve never used. 
  4. Complete a house project you have planned to do for the longest time. Stagnant energy is wasted energy, start an activity you’ve put off for the longest time.
  5. Deep clean your couch, microwave, oven, dishwasher and washing machine
  6. Remove mold in bathrooms, ceilings, kitchen sinks and taps around the house.
  7. Paint any old, tired looking furniture or walls, there’s a makeover paint available for all surfaces. 
  8. Purchase cable clips and clip away untidy looking cables around your home.
  9. Wipe down walls, doors, kitchen and bathroom tiles with some fresh sandalwood or lemon all-purpose surface cleaner mixed with some baby shampoo.
  10. Minimalize, minimalize and minimalize. Don’t use your toaster – get rid of it, if your tv unit is adding too much clutter to your lounge – get rid of it, have positive practicality for everything in your home. 
  11. Disinfect all gadgets – remotes, phones, ipads etc
  12. Wash rugs and throws or if you have pets, maybe it’s time to replace a few of them.
  13. Fix broken items around the house or get rid of them.
  14. Upgrade an area of your home that you have always wanted to upgrade as a family project.
  15. Plant a new tree or add a new plant baby to your home. 

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Spring cleaning even a small apartment can take time, I found that hiring spring cleaning services helped me clear out my home faster. I also took an afternoon each day to organize each cupboard or area around the home. 

Spring cleaning and organizing offers the reset we all crave from time to time including an apartment or home therapy feel for your space. 

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