Beauty Brand Overview: Foreo Sweden 

Elevate your skincare routine with luxury and advanced beauty technology devices and products from Foreo (pronounced FOR-RAY-OH) Sweden, a leading beauty – tech brand which is now available at some of South Africa’s leading beauty retailers.

Since the launch of Foreo Sweden in 2013 with the ever popular, award winning LUNA device as their first product, a multitude of innovative beauty devices have been added to the Foreo brand range. 

Here is a summarized breakdown of Foreo devices and what this inventive brand has to offer us beauty lovers:


Foreo Luna 3

Foreo Sweden made its debut in the beauty industry with LUNA – a sonic and silicone cleansing brush which went viral within the beauty community. Skincare benefits included firmer, softer skin with less visible pores and healthier skin overall with continued use. 

Look out fora detailed review of my experience with LUNA 3 coming next week.


Foreo Iris

A soothing eye massager that removes puffiness and relieves eye strain including brightening, smoothing and firming the under-eye area. 


Foreo UFO

Supercharge your face mask routine using the Foreo UFO device which brings the salon / spa facial experience home. The technology of the UFO enables a two-minute facial which rejuvenates and pampers the skin. 


Foreo Bear

A facial massager that is like a workout for your face which is designed to train and tone 65 facial muscles using specialized T – sonic pulsations.


Foreo Issa

An oral care range of silicone sonic toothbrushes


Foreo Espada

An acne treatment device using LED Blue light technology. 

Where To Purchase Foreo Sweden:

Buy Foreo in South Africa here: Superbalist, Takealot and ARC.

Click here to view the range and price of Foreo products available on Takealot

Foreo Sweden remains a leading beauty – tech brand and has been a recipient of over 120 beauty and design awards including the ELLE and Cosmopolitan magazine beauty awards. 

Their range of products are an investment for your skin and worth the inclusion to your skincare regimen. I’ve noticed amazing results in the texture of my skin and structure of my facial features since I’ve incorporated LUNA 3 to my skincare regimen at the end of last year (2021), which I will update you on next week on

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Sheena D

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