Not Just Your Average Cleansing Brush: Foreo Luna 3 Review

I have tried and tested a number of facial cleansing brushes and tools, here are 10 reasons why Foreo Luna 3 stays ahead of the pack of facial cleansing devices:

1. One Time USB Charge

One USB charge of your  Foreo device delivers up to 650 uses. Talk about exceptional technology! On account of constantly having to recharge or change batteries on other electrical facial devices, I phased out using these – who has time for that anyway?

2. App Guidance

Foreo Sweden has taken time to develop not only an advanced facial cleanser but an app for their consumers to gain the full benefits  of this simple to use device. The app includes various guided massage treatments and helps you tailor your daily cleansing routine suited to your skins requirements.

3. T-Sonic Pulsations

The T – sonic pulsations omitted from the Foreo Luna Device is where all the magic happens and has a series of benefits for the skin. Due to this, Foreo Luna 3 is not just another electrical cleansing device, it elevates your cleansing routine with advanced technology. 

4. Hygienic Silicone

Luna 3 boasts easy to clean and quick drying bristles so there is no bacteria build up and no need to constantly change the brush as in some other devices. 

5. Massage Technology

Luna 3 is not only an outstanding cleansing device but it’s also a massaging device by simply using the back of the device to target wrinkles and promote firmer skin on the neck, eye and jawline following guided massage treatments available on the Foreo app. I love doing this every night at the end of my skincare routine using a facial oil.

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6. Exceptional Cleansing Capabilities

99.5% of impurities are removed including dirt, oil and makeup with a simple one-minute cleanse.

7. Elevate Skincare

Skincare products are proven to have better absorption on skin when one cleanses with the Foreo Luna 3.

8. Waterproof Technology

As if the technology of this skincare device couldn’t be any better, the Foreo Luna 3 is also waterproof, so yes, I take it into the shower with me and don’t need to stress about damage to the device.

9. Skincare Benefits

The skincare benefits are immense, from reduced pores, improved circulation, collagen production, exfoliation, reduction of fine lines and a lifted appearance overall, you will fall in love with the results.

10. Relaxation

I don’t feel this is stressed about enough, but the overall feel of using the Foreo Luna 3 is ultra-relaxing, especially since I clench my jaw often, I find that gliding it around my jawline has helped with easing tension on that area significantly. I love how it’s elevated my skincare routine and relaxes me each time I use it. 

My Personal Experience:

In comparison to all the facial cleansing devices I’ve used (and I’ve used a number of these – especially the heavily marketed devices and all the trends that come and go) – the Foreo Sweden Luna 3 reigns supreme. I’ve had multiple issues with past devices like constant charging, getting water logged and with my biggest concern being my sensitive skin – using other facial devices regularly (not even everyday) made my skin extra sensitive so I eventually didn’t feel I needed it, because it was too abrasive, especially facial brushes and konjac sponges. However, Foreo Sweden has a Luna 3 especially suited for sensitive skin and using it twice a day, every day hasn’t affected the sensitivity of my skin but rather enhanced my facial features in the best of ways (hello check bones!) and boosted my glow. 

For zero effort to an amazing, luxury skincare experience every day, twice a day in the convenience of your own home Foreo Luna 3 is the skincare device you didn’t know you needed and once you have it, you will be next level obsessed.

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Sheena D

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