How To Layer Perfume 

The concept of fragrance is getting a makeover this 2022 and is predicted to be a major trend for the new year. Fragrance brands are shifting toward how a scent makes you feel and I’m not just talking pretty but rather scientifically devised scents that may help the brain de-stress for or even help with menstrual cramps for example. 

I’ve recently added fragrance to my nighttime routine – for this I’ve opted to include The Body Shop Coconut & Yuzu Hair & Body Mist to feel extra pampered – a light lingering scent that isn’t too overpowering but just enough.

Whatever you choose to do with perfume this year, here are 10 ways on how to layer fragrance to amplify your scent in order to last all day. 

1.     Body Wash

The process of how to layer scents on your body begins with a fragrant body wash such as the Chanel – Coco Mademoiselle Foaming Shower Gel.

2.     Dry Skin

Apply a few spritz of perfume directly to your body after you shower in order to layer your scent on clean skin.

3.     How To Layer Perfume And Lotion

Fragrance binds to the oils of your skin and a moisturizing lotion will assist perfume to stick to your skin. Apply your body lotion, then layer on spritz of perfume after moisturizing your skin to achieve an impactful, lasting scent.

4.     Vaseline

Oils help cling to fragrance, apply Vaseline to pulse points on your body, which include: wrists, cervical, behind ears, elbow folds, behind the knees, base of neck, midriff and ankles, follow by spraying perfume on all these areas.

5.     Let Your Perfume Dry

Do not apply clothes until applied perfume is completely dried, as applying clothes can rub off the effect of the notes in your perfume. 

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6.     Do Not Rub

A habit of many is to rub one’s wrist after application of perfume, avoid this as it encourages evaporation of fragrance, rather allow it to dry.

7.     Clothes & Dryer

Add a few spritz of perfume to your clothes, allow it to dry and put it in the dryer for a few minutes, if your clothing is dryer friendly. 

8.     Hair Fragrance

Do not apply perfume directly to your hair as it can cause dryness, rather apply it to a hairbrush them comb through and blow-dry your hair for lasting scent throughout the day. In 2021 we saw a rise in the amount of hair mists which are less drying than using perfume. Use scents that compliments the notes of your body fragrance. 

9.     Storage

Store perfumes in a cool, dry area, away from sunlight and not in the bathroom. The environment of a bathroom is humid and has altered temperature throughout the day which can break down the oils thus killing the aromatics of your perfume. 

10.  Enhance Your Lotions

There’s always that last bit of perfume which one cannot get to, pour this bit into your lotions instead of it going to waste. 

The above tips on how to wear perfume correctly will ensure your perfume lasts throughout the day and has a lingering effect which isn’t overpowering. 

How do you layer perfume?

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