Skinceutico Launches Squalane Hair Repair Treatment Fragrance

Skinceutico – a South African beauty brand is staying ahead of fragrance trends with the launch of the Skinceutico Squalane Hair Repair Treatment Fragrance. 

Personally, I love perfume in products however because of my sensitive skin, I seek out skincare and haircare products that are fragrance free. So, when Skinceutico reached out to me to try out their artificial – fragrance-free squalene hair repair treatment, I had to say yes. 
Applying perfume to my hair, helps keep fragrance lingering on you for longer however, I have bleached hair and fragrance will further dry out my already damaged hair therefore jumping onto the hair fragrance trend was not an option for me.
The Skinceutico hair fragrance seemed the perfect solution and here is my honest review. 


The Skinceutico Squalane Hair Repair Treatment Fragrance is a multi – purpose product. 

  • Can be used as a hair fragrance without drying effects
  • Frizz and flyaway control
  • Split end treatment
  • Protectant against chlorine and sea water
  • Can be used as a body fragrance too
  • Moisturizes the skin
  • Can be used as a face primer before makeup application


Each of the three scents are packaged in luxurious 50ml fragrance frosted square bottles with gold trimmings.

Key Ingredients:

The key ingredient is squalane (not squalene, there is a difference) which is an effective hydrating oil with various benefits such as anti-aging properties used for both skincare and haircare. 
Prickly pear oil is another ingredient found in this formulation that restores natural hair shine (hello glass-like textured hair).


The fragrance of each scent lingers all day – for me, most fragrance doesn’t last too long because of my dry skin and therefore oud type perfumes is my best option, however the inclusion of squalane is genius in this fragrance because the oil helps my skin and hair hold onto fragrance for longer than usual and doesn’t fade away after a few hours of application. An additional bonus is that the fragrance is natural so it does not irritate my skin. 
Using the hair fragrance effectively tames away fly-away hair and application allows a nourished look especially if you struggle with dry ends like I do. 
As a weekly treatment, my dry scalp doesn’t feel itchy any longer, my dry ends look more nourished and my hair overall feels silky and is easier to manage. 

How To Use:

For everyday use I spray a little product into my hand, apply it from my ends and comb it through the full length of my hair after styling. This helps my ends look instantly nourished and healthy. Too much product will weigh down your hair down with a greasy look, however just the right amount is light and easily absorbs onto skin and hair. 

As a treatment: The various aromas of this range feel like therapy for your hair and I especially love to use the Jasmine & Neroli squalane as an overnight oil treatment once a week.
Spray a generous amount of product onto hair, massage it into scalp and work the product from root to tip. Leave this on overnight, with the fragrance lingering throughout the night which feels ultra-relaxing and elevates any self-care routine. 
Wash it off in the morning to reveal healthy, thick, glossy looking hair with a nourished scalp. 


Skinceutico Squalane Repair Treatment – Hyacinth & White Lotus R190 – 00
Skinceutico Squalane Repair Treatment – Jasmine & Neroli R190 – 00
Skinceutico Squalane Repair Treatment – Ylang Ylang & Rose Denmark R250 – 00

Where To Purchase:



A little product goes a long way for everyday use. Too much product will make hair look oily and weighed down. 


Instantly revives dry ends
Previously, chlorine would affect the colour of my bleached hair, but coating my hair with this squalene helps prevent hair damage caused by chlorine.
My scalp feels healthier and less irritated with continued use. 
My hair overall looks glossier. 
The aromatics of each fragrance makes treatment feel more indulgent. 


Skinceutico is committed to staying on trend whilst delivering on well-formulated skincare and haircare products with organic ingredients. This hair treatment is a fragrance free, highly aromatic therapy for your hair that’s alcohol free, preservative free, paraben free and vegan. 

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Sheena D

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