BTL Exilis Elite Review: A Non-Surgical approach To A Contoured Jawline and BBL Alternative 

A solution to sagging skin, centimeter loss, sculpting, wrinkle and cellulite reduction is the all-in-one treatment I need from time to time and my go – to is the BTL Exilis Elite treatment is as on the best body contouring procedures and is FDA approved.
Additionally, this treatment is non-invasive with no down time. I’ve had this treatment a number of times, here is my detailed BTL Exilis Elite review of everything you need to know about this treatment. 

Read more: BTL Exilis Elite Review: A Non-Surgical approach To A Contoured Jawline and BBL Alternative 

The areas I’ve had this treatment are on my lower buttocks, saddlebag area and jawline with the most desirable outcome.
Recently, I noticed that my jawline and neck area looked a bit lacklustre and I could use contouring and fat reduction in that area so I decided to revisit Anti – Aging art for another Exilis Elite treatment.
The Exilis treatment is offered at Anti-Aging Art based in Houghton, Johannesburg – leaders in progressive aesthetic medicine in South Africa. 


  • Collagen loss
  • Sagging skin
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Centimeter loss
  • Wrinkles

How The BTL Exilis Elite Works:

Exilis Elite is a non-invasive body sculpting treatment, using radio – frequency, ultrasound and cooling technology to target a multitude of body concerns.


Dependent on the area of concern, results are visible after one treatment.
About two to four weekly treatments are required for optimum results and results will continue to be more visible over the next few months from initial treatment. After a series of treatments its recommended that you have a BTL Exilis Elite treatment every 6 to 8 weeks to maintain results. 

Watch The Elite Exilis Face Before & After Treatment Here:

Exilis Elite Treatment Price At Anti-Aging Art:

Exilis cost for full face R2 500 – 00
Exilis cost for half face R1 750 – 00
Exilis cost for full body R2 500 – 00

Enquire with Anti Aging Art for area specific prices

Pre Exilis Treatment: 

It’s imperative to be well hydrated prior to the treatment.

Exilis Treatment: 

I found that the feel of the Exilis skin tightening treatment relaxing like a hot stone massage, as there are varying degrees of heat applied to the areas being treated to stimulate collagen and burn fat deposits.
At no time was this body contouring treatment uncomfortable.

Post Exilis Treatment and Exilis Elite Side Effects:

Your skin may become a bit red for a few hours after treatment and also may be sensitive to heat.
I would avoid steam rooms and excessive exercise after treatment.



  • More affordable than invasive surgery
  • Not painful
  • Immediate results
  • Restructuring of skin & building of collagen
  • Can be used on both body and face
  • No downtime
  • Treatment only takes 15 minutes

My Results:

An undesirable hereditary trait I’ve always had is a double chin, after just one treatment on my chin area – I was ecstatic with the results and after my second treatment I absolutely am obsessed with my profile and chin area.
My face overall looks slimmer with noticeable skin tightening effects and my features appear more defined. In total I’ve had four treatments.

In addition to the facial contouring, I had four treatments to contour my body – my thigh area in particular and am so thrilled that I have found a non-surgical body contouring treatment that was able to give me a butt lift and remove traces of cellulite as well as firm my skin. Why have an invasive and costly BBL when Elite Exilis provides similar results over time with added benefits such as cellulite reduction and collagen production!


I highly recommended the Exilis Elite as the ultimate of body sculpting treatments.

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Address: 52 Central Street, Houghton Estate, Johannesburg, South Africa

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By Sheena Deepnarain

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