A Guide To Purchasing Your First Louis Vuitton Handbag

Louis Vuitton is the icon of luxury and a bag purchase from this brand usually represents a milestone in your life. Luxury brands have hefty price tags; therefore, your first Louis Vuitton handbag purchase should be researched beforehand – here is key information you should consider before purchasing your first Louis Vuitton handbag. 

Louis Vuitton Bags To Avoid

The Speedy 30 Louis Vuitton bag was a popular choice a few years ago, but was more of a trend, like the popular Multi Pochette Louis Vuitton is now and luxury brand buyers say that the Speedy 30 was more of an influenced impulse purchase if they have this handbag in their collection. Save trendy handbag purchases for Zara and H&M and rather invest in classic Louis Vuitton bags that increase in value over the years for your first purchase. 

Iconic, Classic Louis Vuitton Handbags To Consider For Your First Purchase 

Ideally, your first Louis Vuitton handbag should be functional and suited to your day to day activities so leaning toward a versatile daytime crossbody bag is a preferred fit.

Some suggestions include:

  • Neverfull MM: There are bigger versions of the Neverfull bag available, however the MM is the overall perfect size. This is also the most popular bag sold at Louis Vuitton because of its tote functionality and is overall a more affordable Louis Vuitton option. This is not a zipped bag but there is a zip compartment in the bag to keep your valuables in, a pouch is also included with this bag in which you can keep your makeup (this pouch should not be used as a clutch). It’s a perfect everyday work or university bag. 
  • NéoNoé: Another beautiful option to consider for everyday use is the NéoNoé bag which looks like a stylish and trendy bucket bag and can also be used as a crossbody bag. 
  • Alma BB is in my opinion, the ultimate first-time buyer Louis Vuitton option, although it looks petite, the bottom of the bag is wide and as a result has enough space for your handbag items. This bag was originally created by Coco Chanel herself and has a sophisticated look. The price of this bag constantly increases and therefore is worth the investment. 
  • Odeon PM:  This stylish bag is versatile and another crossbody option – it’s not often spoken about and overlooked. The Odeon has perfect functionality for everyday use. 

The Neverfull, NoeNoe, Alma BB and Odeon PM (pictured above in order of mention) are perfect Louis Vuitton bags to use for daytime wear, I would not use these handbags to special events, weddings, the red carpet or night events. 

Louis Vuitton prices for the below bags are a bit pricier for your first Louis Vuitton handbag, but are versatile for day to night. Here are some options to consider that can transcend from day to night and bags which you can use for those special events. 

  • Pochette Metis: This elegant bag is beautiful for a night out and looks especially chic in the black leather canvas option. It has a gold clutch attachment which will fade over time – so that is something to consider for long term use. 
  • Lockme: The MyLockme chain bag is a satchel which is also elegant and perfect for day to night looks. 
  • Croisette: Lastly, I recommend the ever elegant Croisette which is still relatively new as it launched in 2016. 

Should you spend much of your time attending events and going out at night, I would suggest the Pochette Metis, MyLockMe or the Croisette, these are all Louis Vuitton bags that transcend from day to night-wear.

Sizing Of Louis Vuitton Bags

Louis Vuitton has four handbag sizes in their range commonly referred to in their abbreviated format. 

BB: Baby Bandoulière is the petite size for Louis Vuitton bags
PM: Petit Modele is a size up from the BB and falls under the smaller bag category
MM: Moyen Modèle is the medium Louis Vuitton handbag sizes
GM: Grand Modèle is the largest handbag size available.

The Full Louis Vuitton Experience

If you walk in to a store, request for a sale associate (SA) to assist you and let your SA know what you would be interested in purchasing from the onset. When in a Louis Vuitton store, don’t grab at the nearest available SA or interrupt someone else’s experience. If someone does interrupt your time with a SA or barge into your time ask them politely to please social distance and inform them that you have booked an appointment and would appreciate if you were not interrupted. 
You can book an appointment at your nearest Louis Vuitton store on the Louis Vuitton online shop here:  https://eu.louisvuitton.com/eng-e1/point-of-sale/south-africa/louis-vuitton-johannesburg
My personal experience in the South African Louis Vuitton store has always been pleasant and they will attend to you even if your purchase is on the lower scale. 
Louis Vuitton stores in other countries such as France for example will be a different experience, especially if you are spending less than $10 000 – don’t be surprised at this, as sales associates won’t take their time with you – they will attend to buyers who are likely going to spend more, for commission reasons, don’t take it personally.
Take your time at the store, whatever your budget or purchase is and don’t feel under pressure to say yes to a purchase you are not sure about. 

The Different Louis Vuitton Canvas Types

Typically, your first Louis Vuitton handbag is going to be the most used and therefore it’s wise to invest in darker leather trim and brown or darker canvas Louis Vuitton options. 
All canvases are waterproof and durable and are trimmed with leather.

Monogram canvas: This is the most recognizable and busier canvas with the clear Louis Vuitton logo print. Almost all Louis Vuitton bags are available in this canvas. And no, the rumors are not true, Louis Vuitton is not going to discontinue this canvas (ever). This print it not always available as Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand and does not manufacture this print or any of their prints on demand. This keeps the brand more exclusive as not everyone can get their hands on their supply. Quantities of this canvas are raised during Christmas. 

Damier Ebene Canvas: Understated brown check with dark brown squares. This is actually Louis Vuitton’s original print however it is less popular than the Monogram print. 

Damier Azur Canvas: Another check option of a lighter colour – this option does discolor over time, so not the best option print for a first time Louis Vuitton bag.

Vernis Leather: Glossy Leather

Epi Leather: Hard, thick, textured and structured leather.

Empreinte Leather: Soft with embossed Louis Vuitton Logo

Multicolour monogram: No longer available in Louis Vuitton stores since 2015. 

Louis Vuitton also comes in various leather options and the less common denim options.
There are four interior options namely: Vuittonite, Cross Grain leather, Canvas, Alcantra microfiber and the trims available are Vachetta Leather which is the lighter leather option and Coated Leather which is dark and a better option if you prefer using the handles of your Louis Vuitton bag as the Vachetta leather does wear and becomes darker over time, which some buyers do prefer. The darkening of the trims is referred to as Patina on Louis Vuitton bags. 

As a side note – Louis Vuitton handbags do not go on sale and is one of the luxury brands that do not have sales (Dior and Chanel do, however these sales will not be displayed in store, you will be invited to a back room to see their sale collection should you be a loyal customer). Additionally, new Louis Vuitton is not cheaper in different countries, the price points are the same worldwide. 

Let me know in the comments section what your first Louis Vuitton purchase was or what you first Louis Vuitton purchase will be.
I hope you enjoyed this blog post and the information has helped you to make an informed decision on your first Louis Vuitton handbag purchase.

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By Sheena Deepnarain

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  1. Anonymous

    I love this topic. My first purchase was the NéoNoè and the experience was quite alright.I kind of wish I had settled for the Alma BB instead but I didn’t have much information like this so I’m glad there’s more of it out here for others to gain from. My next purchase is definitely from Chanel. Thanks for this

    1. Sheena D

      Thank you! Ah Chanel, pre-congradulations on this purchase.

      1. Joyce Coulter


  2. Shawna Figueroa

    My first Louis Vuitton was the Babylone, the the keepall 55, the Amazon crossbody the last one I just bought was the Keepall 45 I am obsessed and love them all !!

    1. Sheena D

      Thats amazing! Lucky you.

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